Our Clients Say...

"The commitment Wood Mountain Fish has in communication and appreciation of their customer and freshness has eliminated the difficulties I once faced in dealing with the sourcing of fresh seafood..."

Jason Merrill
Executive Chef, Hanover Inn @ Dartmouth College

Direct from bait to plate

The freshest fish for our clients

By eliminating the middle men (the broker, the auction, the freight guy, the consignment guy, and the packer), we're able to get our product to you just hours after it's been caught. Most of our product is never frozen, none of our product is ever warehoused, and it goes from the boat into our refrigerated truck, and from our truck into your hands. This means the freshest fish possible for you and your customers, and the longest possible shelf life.

A fair price for the fishermen, a great price for you

By cutting out the middle men, we are able to pay our fisherman more than they would receive by sending their fish to the Gloucester, New Bedford or Boston Seafood Auctions, but less than we would pay at those auctions. We're able to pass that savings along to our clients while still maintaining our profitability.

A good relationship means the best quality

The "bait to plate" aspect of our work benefits our fishermen as well. They not only know where their product is ending up, but we can give them feedback from the kitchens and stores we serve. This kind of communication benefits everyone, and gives the fishermen a sense of connection to the end consumer, your customers. We've found that this has enormous impact on the quality of fish we recieve.

By maintaining a this healthy and fair relationship with our fisherman, we remain a customer of choice; We get first pick at the dock and can select the best product for our clients at the best price. We can often get the items that others can't.

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