Our Clients Say...

"The commitment Wood Mountain Fish has in communication and appreciation of their customer and freshness has eliminated the difficulties I once faced in dealing with the sourcing of fresh seafood..."

Jason Merrill
Executive Chef, Hanover Inn @ Dartmouth College

Our Prices

We often get asked why we don't have all our prices on our site. There are 4 reasons we don't list them:

  1. Our prices are driven by the market, so are are subject to change based on availability, demand and weather. Since those things change daily, so might our prices. The only prices we list are our specials, which we have locked in at a certain price.
  2. Like many companies, we offer large order discounts to our bigger clients, so instead of having multiple sets of prices or showing one set and not another, we just don't show them.
  3. You can always reach us by phone, and we prefer the personal interaction and immediate feedback on our pricing and our product selection. If you have questions or feedback, we want to hear it, and you won't have to fight your way through a phone maze to reach a real human. Our number rings directly on Ethan's phone.
  4. We're busy buying and moving fish. We're not in the website-updating business, and keeping our lives simple makes it easier for us to get you fresh fish fast.

You can probably find cheaper fish, but you definitely won't find better fish at a better price. Any time you need a price or want a quote on an order, give us a call.